Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Best of all worlds in search.

Search is a very common term now a days; Google is doing great in search, no questions but recently Yahoo started attacking ad-campaign on Google saying, "Google is not the only search engine and there are other alternatives". Microsoft started investing a lot in live search. With all this, I started looking to compare both and get the best of all worlds in search. I found couple of websites but they are not working professionally, finally I found this web site very interesting.


A better way to search in multiple engines, simple and easy! Hope this helps people who are interested in search excellence. Most of the time Google results are better, but some times I like MSN results better than Google. So I thought it is worth sharing this information.

The keywords I like MSN better than Google are:

"creative meaning" (I was looking for english meaning for "creative" word)

"limpet meaning" (I was looking for english meaning for "limpet" word)

"__in __out annotation" (I was looking for SAL annotations)

n'joy, -Gongura.

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